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How to Use SMART Goals: Achieve More in Less Time

Use a proven goal setting strategy to increase your productivity, leadership and management skills. Achieve more today.
Richard Feenstra
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Establish structured goals to achieve more in less time.
Develop both performance and outcome measures.
Develop an action plan with next steps and milestones.
Evaluate multiple goals as to pursue those most relevant to your success.

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This course will teach you how to achieve more in less time. By learning how to use SMART Goals you will gain a concise, structured method to help keep you motivated and on track. In the course, I will take you through how to ensure that your goals are;

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Actionable
  4. Relevant
  5. Time Bound

In addition, throughout the course I provide a practical way for you to relate the SMART technique to your current goals as well as demonstrate my personal system for keeping on top of my goals. I also cover some of the most common errors people make when establishing their goals and I provide a bonus lecture on time management. Last, at the end of the course I give you the opportunity to answer a question to win a free course on the science behind productivity.

Topics in the course include, but are not limited to;

  • The difference between a vision, goal or resolution.
  • When setting specific goals can be a bad thing.
  • Why I use Actionable instead of Achievable.
  • The importance of Action/Feedback loops.
  • How to juggle multiple goals at the same time.

This is now my 6th course on Udemy, so when you enroll you also get access to my announcements that include free tips, hacks and techniques on productivity, innovation, motivation and problem-solving. As a dedicated instructor with a PhD in educational psychology, I will share the latest research with you to keep you a step ahead and motivated to achieve more.

My course is designed for leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and anyone that wants to achieve more in less time. If this sounds like you, enroll right now. Life is short, and I guarantee that even if you are familiar with the SMART method, you will learn something new in this course. If not, send me a message and I will make it right.



*** Download the SMART Goals Workbook provided in external resources. *** 

In this lecture I provide a brief overview of what will be covered in the course and how to get the most out of the Udemy Platform. There is also a short exercise at the end of the lecture. Have pen and paper or a digital notebook handy.

Also, there is a link provided for Q&A.



In this lecture I discuss the difference between a vision, goal and a resolution. I also discuss the benefits of setting specific goals and then cover when setting specific goals might actually be a bad thing. Note: Additional downloadable materials previously attached to this lecture, have now been moved to the text-based lecture at the end of the course titled "Course References/Resources".


In this lecture I discuss;

  1. The need to set both performance and outcome measures.
  2. Ensuring what you manage drives the measurement tool selected.
  3. Triangulation, what it is and when to use it.

In this lecture I cover why you want to use Actionable instead of Achievable. I then discuss the use of actionable to establish initial steps and milestones followed by taking you through how I use Microsoft OneNote to manage my action plans.


This lecture tackles how to manage multiple goals using the SMART method. I discuss how to use the Value/Effort Matrix and the "Pareto Principle".

Time Bound

In this lecture I discuss Action/Feedback loops, the need for establishing the right frequency and incentives, and how you can avoid "The Planning Fallacy".

Seven Common Errors People Make When Setting Goals

In this lecture I discuss seven of the most common errors that people make when establishing their goals. This includes things such as not writing down your goals, not keeping them visible and not making sure that your goals are aligned with your vision.

Course Wrap Up

Course References/Resources

For those of you that may want to dig a bit deeper and look over the science behind goal-setting, this lecture contains various references to research articles and other downloadable resources. I especially enjoy the research by Edwin Locke.

Free Course: Tell Me My Mistake

In this lecture I ask you a quick question, "Can you tell me my mistake?" I then provide a hint. Good luck! Message me with your thoughts and I will give you my productivity course.

Course Wrap Up

This lecture is a quick review and a hearty congratulations!

Bonus Lecture: Using the Eisenhower Matrix to Manage Your Time

Bonus Lecture: In addition to knowing how to structure your goals, another aspect of success is knowing how to effectively manage your time. One method to help with time management is the Eisenhower Matrix. This video covers the matrix, describing how to prioritize your tasks.

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