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~ Guided Life Coaching & Self-Discovery | COUPONS Udemy
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Guided Life Coaching & Self-Discovery


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If you think it’s time for you to have an honest and deep conversation with yourself in order to understand yourself, to find life and mind clarity, to resolve some issues, to activate your full potential, to create an opportunity for your personal growth, personal development, productivity, wellness, creativity, to find inner peace, personal strength, inspiration, and motivation – this class might help you. You can become your own life coach!

***If you are a life coach already: You will get 15 deep and effective psychology-based questions you can use in your life coaching practice anytime your client needs structured and detailed self-discovery, self-reflection, and life change. You will also learn why we ask those questions and how to explore them, how to lead the deeper conversation, and how that answers can impact your client’s lives and get long-term effects on their life improvement and wellness***

Welcome to guided journaling/writing for self-discovery and self-clarity. The class is based on 15 prompts created by a psychologist who believes in writing therapy. Every question is important and has a purpose. Every answer will help you to really understand your:

· emotions

  • thoughts
  • beliefs
  • behavior
  • wounds
  • issues
  • feelings
  • motives
  • strengths and weaknesses
  • inner child
  • to simply understand yourself

These prompts are designed to help you dive deep into your mind & soul, so you can find your true self, explore your ups and downs, get self-clarity and increase self-growth and life quality.

The class will cover several topics that are very important for our self-understanding and complete well-being:

-Wrong mindsets and patterns we have

-Our strengths and weaknesses

-What/who have the biggest impact on our life

-Find motivational forces

-Explore thoughts

-Create a life vision

-Find leading words in your life

-Find the way to feel accomplished

-Find what you are missing in your life and why?

-Are you resisting or attaching

-Have a deep and honest conversation with yourself (younger and future)

-Find the most important question for you

+ more…

I hope you will enjoy and create some positive change <3

Let’s go to grow 🙂

Your instructor,


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is intrested in personal development and self growth
  • Anyone who is intrested in life improvement and self improvement
  • Anyone who need to work on his issues, problems and wounds
  • Anyone who need inspiration and motivation in life
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to be his own life coach
  • ALL LIFE COACHES who want pre-maid deep and effective questions they can use in life coaching to change theis client’s lives
  • Anyone who wantsto dive deep into himself and work onself-improvement
  • Anyone who likes writing therapy and journaling
  • Anyone who need someone to guide him trough self-discovery process

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Guided Life Coaching & Self-Discovery

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<h5>FREE <span class="retail-old"><strike><span class="value">69.399</span></strike></span></h5> ~
Guided Life Coaching & Self-Discovery | COUPONS Udemy




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