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Fundamentals & Basics of Maths through Animated Videos -2021 | COUPONS Udemy

~ Fundamentals & Basics of Maths through Animated Videos -2021 | COUPONS Udemy
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Fundamentals & Basics of Maths through Animated Videos -2021


What Will students say about this course:

  • It’s all about fundamentals of mathematics anyone should know and your teaching style is just awesome! —by —- Hukum Raj Budhathoki
  • Ya, it’s a good course to revise all the basics that we have learnt. Thank you for this nice session — by —- Om Haritha
  • Its been awesome… it’s really detailed — by —- Oluwadamilare Adeniyi Kasali
  • Great Concepts — by —- Shiva prasad Dhakal
  • Very Nice — by —- Abhishek Tripathi
  • Nice to learn — by —-Vivek Kumar Karmkar
  • It was very nice — by —- C. Kannan

The foundation of any discipline or subject relies upon its basics and learning the basics is an important and first step for effective study. The objective of “Gaining a basic understanding of the subject” deals with the acquisition of basic information upon which more complex learning relies.

Fundamental concepts of mathematics are needed for students in building their careers. While teaching children, the basic concepts behind math problems are more useful than teaching children the procedure of solving the problems”. And this course is specially designed for the students who want to learn the basics of Maths. 

This Course contains all the Fundamental concepts of Mathematics that are needed for a student in building their career. This course is specially designed for the students who are looking to learn all the math concepts needed in his curriculum from basics or wanted to revise their basics.

In this course, all the topics in Maths like Numbers, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Mensuration, trigonometry and Statistics etc are covered. Along with this the other concepts which are needed for the students to improve their calculation speed like Multiplication, Division, Square, Square root, Cube and Cube Root techniques are also discussed in a crispy way.

Each concept discussed here are explained by using White Board Animated Videos, this helps the students to focus more on the Course and gain the maximum results.

And with the help of these concepts, techniques, example problems and speed math techniques, a student will gain the ability of solving all the questions what he is going to face in their examinations easily.

For the students while solving their Math problems for improving their calculation speed some techniques which are taken from the best books are discussed here.

And here we also discuss the techniques needed for the students, while answering multiple-choice questions.

Generally, the student used to take a longer time to solve those questions, with the help of the techniques like eliminations, approximations, substitutions and sequencing techniques ( Where these techniques are exclusively for testprep24 students). All these techniques are discussed with examples.

I can say it is a completely packed course for the students containing all the fundamental concepts needed. And all the concepts are explained through Whiteboard Animated Videos. And our testprep24 team is available 24*7 to answer all your queries.So Students What are you waiting for just enrolling the course and start your preparation today, thank you.

Who this course is for:

  • This is a course designed for students who are planning to learn Basics/ Fundamentals of mathematics or to recall their High school mathematics Fundamentals.
  • Students who are preparing for university entrance exam, Competitive exams like SAT,ACT,GRE, GMAT, CAT etc
  • Who are planning to improve the calculation speed
  • Students who want to make their math’s basics strong
  • Anyone who wants to study math for fun after being away from school for a while

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Fundamentals & Basics of Maths through Animated Videos -2021

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<h5>$9.99</h5> ~
Fundamentals & Basics of Maths through Animated Videos -2021 | COUPONS Udemy




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